Program educational objectives are broad statements that describe what graduates are expected to attain within a few years after graduation. Consequently, the Chemical Engineering program has adopted the following Program Educational Objectives:


Program Educational Objective of UST Chemical Engineering
Within  five years after graduation,  Bachelor of  Science in  Chemical  Engineering alumni  from the University of  Santo Tomas shall be engaged either locally or  abroad in design, operation, or management of an industrial plant; pursuing teaching, research, technical sales, or entrepreneurship after having completed advanced studies  or special  training; and
Furthermore, they shall be expected to imbibe the Thomasian traits of contemplative, creative and critical thinking, exemplary work ethics; and a commitment to improve society and to lifelong learning.


The following link will help the USTChE department keep track if our OBE graduates satisfy the Program Educational Objectives of the department.

Please click the link below and take the brief 10-question survey.

PEO Questionnaire for OBE Graduates