USTChE Industry Advisory Committee

USTChE Advisory CommitteeThe program Industry Advisory Committee was created to facilitate the consultation with the external constituencies. The committee
consists of alumni, major employers, and representatives from the professional organization. The committee members will help the department in identifying the expected academic capability and skills necessary to be possessed by Chemical Engineers in the actual practice. Likewise, they shall participate in the review and realignment of the Program Educational Objectives (PEO) of the Chemical Engineering Department to respond to the demands of the industry, both local and global. Initially, an Interim Advisory Committee made up of part-time faculty members who were connected with industries were tapped as members. Later, this Committee slowly took form and developed to include our present stalwarts of the Chemical Engineering profession from partners in the alumni and industry. The current members of the Chemical Engineering Advisory Committee are listed in Table below while  the  photo on the right shows  some IAC members in meeting.

Chemical Engineering Industry Advisory Committee

Name Affiliation/Company Position Representation
Ferdinand A. Tumpalan San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation President Employer
Nuna E. Almanzor, Ph.D ASEAN Engr. Industrial Technology Development Institute Former Director Professional Association Nuna A
Cezar D. dela  Cruz Philippine Technological Council VP – External Affairs Professional Association Cezar
Rodolfo U. Dimayacyac Proctor & Gamble (P&G) Regional Governance Manager Alumni Rudy
Carmela R. Centeno, Ph.D. UNIDO Industrial Development Officer Alumni Carmela
Valarie S. Ku Shell Philippines
Exploration, BV
Business Development Manager Alumni Val