Outcomes Based Education Framework
OBE Framework

The center of the framework are the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), whose statements are linked to the University’s mission and vision. All the elements of PEOs are contributions from internal and external stakeholders. The PEOs are made more specific through the Program or Student Outcomes that are adapted from CHED, with the addition of the Thomasian attributes. The Program Outcomes are linked to the curriculum through a Curriculum Map, which is the basis for the preparation of the OBE Course syllabi. Within each course, OBTL is implemented and assessments are done to measure the embedded Student Outcomes. Several Program Assessment methods are set to measure each student outcome and evaluation methods are applied on the results of the assessments. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is proposed and implemented based on any gaps identified during the evaluation. These are again inputs which the constituents can take action on in the enhancement of the Program Educational Objectives.




Program Educational Objectives (PEO) and Student Outcomes (SO)


Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL)