OBTL Framework as adapted from Biggs, 2003: Constructive Alignment Model


OBTL emphasizes, not what the teacher is going to teach, but what the outcome of that teaching is intended to be. Intended Learning Outcome (ILO) is the significant factor which states clearly what the learner is supposed to be able to do and at what level.

OBTL necessitates teachers to devise Teaching Learning Activities (TLAs). These activities make students apply, invent, generate new ideas, diagnose and solve problems. These are the stuff they are expected to do as they start their career in an organization. This kind of teaching is proceeded by assessment tasks that measure how well students can use knowledge in academically and professionally appropriate ways, such as solving problems, analyzing opportunities, communicating with stakeholders or organizing and executing plans.

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Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA)

ACIL are Teaching and Learning Activities that enhances Outcomes Based Assessments (OBA) leading to a target the achievement of Intended Learning Outcomes

Active and Collaborative Learning

PowerPoint Aided Learning (PAL)

Online Learning

Game-Based Learning

Flip Learning